Best fashion trends for men in 2020

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Best fashion trends for men: Men’s fashion has seen a lot during the last few years. There have been completely contrasting trends from year to year. But 2020 has seen some continuation of trends in men’s clothing segment.The year 2020 has been upgrading very well in fashion for men’s segment. The men inthe fashion week have come out in bold style. Best fashion trends for men

They have formed a great fusion of the past with the latest elements. Carry with a great attitude and wearable trends;here we are with the fashion trends dominating 2020 which will guide you in the direction to update your wardrobe. So, now you can invest in these worth while pieces and become trendy.

Best fashion trends for men in 2018

Best fashion trends for men in 2019

Vintage Checks

A year back vintage checks were in a dominating trend for women, but this year the fashion statement has been adopted by men. Gents are now seen in check from jackets to trousers and also caps. You can definitely put money in checkered coat or a blazer to start with. Once you start wearing them they will grow on you and then you can continue the collection of checks pants, hat or a bag more confidently.

Turtleneck Suits

Turtleneck Suits

One kind clothing which never goes out of style and stays ever green is the suiting. You can stay in trend with the tailored suits and the other clothing you use to team up with. With change in weather you can do away with your routine shirt and use the trendy Turtle neck sweater. The combination of a suit with turtle neck sweater will make you look trendy and fashionable. You can try this fusion at office, dinners or any other kind of semi formal events.

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Camel Hue

The colour which has been very prominent this year is dark to light shades of brown. These are also known as camel hues which create a great fashion statement and add elegance to your look. If you decide a head to toe camel all over then try to bring some contrast or difference to break the look of monotony. Camel hues have become a great fashion trend even among the top designers around the world. You can have a tinge of camel statement then stick to just a blazer and team it up with a cool white shirt and denim jeans and sneakers.

Cool Textures

Cool Textures

Comfort wear has rules this year’s fashion trend. Garments with loose shapes, soft feel and baggy look are in fashion for men in 2019. The fabric may be fleece, velvet, soft fur, suede, corduroy or other tactile fabrics are to be in. Very comfortable in autumn and winters, it looks cool when paired with warm colours of brown, white and black tones.

Oversized Silhouettes

The fashion trend of loose and oversized silhouettes has continued to be in trend in the year 2019 also. It has been dominating the casual wear collection. However, you need to play smart in the oversized look; else you will end giving a clumsy statement. Try to use quality fabrics with elegant styles to maintain balance in your oversized silhouettes.

Military look

Military look

Though military wear is not new in the men’s fashion, it has com back with a big bounce in t he year 2019. Stick to shades of beige, brown, army green and khakhi. Look for army style big pockets and fastenings. Get a cool pilot finish jacket to complete your look. Get stylish with a great military collection and it is must have in anybody’s wardrobe.

Athletic Touch

Use of sports items inthe casual wear gives a great athletic touch and adds sophisticated look. This is a fresh trend this year, where you use some great sports item like a jacket or sports wear teamed with some great t-shirts or accessories. This trend is predicted to be in fashion in future also and is apt for many occasions and events.

Retro Style

Retro Style

The retro style was seen last year but 2019 saw the retro style in a new avatar. Thus 2019 saw lots of brown, yellow and red with roll neck sweaters, flared pants, suede fabric and denim all through the seasons. Retro trend always looks different and fashionable. It is for those who are adventurous in their looks and bold. You can also try out different kinds of mix and match of retro style with the modern style by using some accessories. Such kinds of fusion also look trendy and eye catchy.

Straight or vertical Stripes

One must have in every wardrobe is the vertical stripes. Do away with the horizontal stripes and get a fresh collection of vertical stripes which through a great perception. You can make it bold by using thick stripes with bright and contrasting colours or subtle with thin stripes of soft and neutral tones according to your wish and personality. Make a fashion statement by pairing them up with bold single colour shirts or t-shirts. Try out different combination of vertical stripes to choose just the right one. Skinny or thin people should go for thicker stripes while plump men should try our thinner lines.

Cross Body Bags

Cross Body Bags

Another different fashion statement 2019 saw was the collection of masculine bags also called as cross body bags.Stylish and trendy, they go along with any kind of outfit. Apart from a fashion statement, they help you go hands-free without stuffing your pockets heavily.Get leather cross bag for a formal look or any kind of nylon style bags or a sporty look bag to give a casual look.

You have a lot of room to be all your possessions comfortably, be organised and stay stylish all the time. They can be very well used at work places, outings with friends or during travel. You can keep your body spray, mobile and its accessories wallet, a small bottle ora change of t-shirt for sports. A multi-purpose bag always gives you convenience of having light pockets and move around freely.

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