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Our closet has one of the most hard-working and functional accessory that we all love- our purse. However, it often become difficult to select the best one based on needs on account of several available choices. We are here with the list of different types of bags for different occasions that are must have.

Purses and handbags serve to be the most important thing for us in which we can easily hold all the items of everyday use. They also offer shielding to the valuables from damage, weather and theft. We also make their use for completing the polished looks for an event.

But at present, much more choices are available than ever that makes selection difficult for us. For this reason, we are here to help with this guide having different types of bags for different occasions that can best serve the purpose.

Leather day satchel

This product serves to be an important workhouse handbag that comes with top handle ranging from large to medium. In this bag, you can easily carry several things such as tablet or favorite book.  It is better if you go for leather in neutral color such as dark to medium brown or black so that the stains and scuffs are not noticeable easily.

Day clutch

One of the remarkable option is the tailored, neat clutch for daytime in case you can be selective as what to keep in it and what to avoid. The look of small pouches is cute and they are light as well but the accommodation does not allow anything more than a smartphone or a lipstick.


You can go for the option having some dimension and multiple pockets so that the essentials find the room. This bag serves to be a fun option with which you need not spend too much for style and can experiment with different available options in colors and materials.

Crossbody purse

This is a fact that you can enjoy movement freedom to a great deal with this option while the things are close to you. Compared to the backpack, this option also gives a more chic look. Sturdy strap comes with the crossbody good bag so that with the help of front flap, you can adjust it.

Go for the option in medium size avoiding too heavy one. Also, not much functionality is offered by too small and therefore make wise choice in terms of its size.

Evening clutch

At certain point, we all feel the need of an evening purse and if you are not having one, rush and grab it before the next fancy and big event. A simple metallic or black satin clutch serves best timeless style in silver or gold.


This bag is suitable for any event and you can carry it along for years and therefore the option must be seasonless to the extent possible. In case some sparkle is must, you can go for the clasp having jewel on it. This option is effortless with any good thing and has lasting and more classic appeal.

Straw basket

In the warm season, this is a go-to bag for you. You can ideally carry all in summer in this bag that is more fun when compared with the other bags. In this bag, all the daily purposeful items could be carried in a stylish way.

Medium-sized shoulder bag

The appeal of shoulder bags is sophisticated and sleek while being sporty and they serve as another best option for daily use. The ideal picks are textures suede or leather but you can also go for fabric of neat canvas.


In the summer season, this can serve perfect for the look that is weather appropriate and lightweight as well. You need to make decision on the basis of your taste, style and budget as number of options available is countless.

Chic tote

A tote is required by all women in comparison to just a big bag that hauls stuff around her. With this option, you can get the look that is more professional and polished. In case a laptop back is used during commute from office then this bag serves perfect to you.

In case you do not carry thing more than the phone, wallet and makeup bag then tote serves best for you. You can go for the one that is lightweight such as the one in material of canvas.

Casual day bag

With this wildcard, you can display the personal touch of your style. Number of options is available so that you can select the favorite one from sporty messenger to striped hobo to clutch with croc patent.

This is the time when funny experiments were common with the look, you can go for this bag to switch the things up in the daily routine. In this manner, you can flaunt your style.

Iconic bag

Designer bags are not everybody’s type and but if you are looking for something that is actually luxurious then this bag is the perfect option that is enduring as well.

The iconic bag comes in here that has capacity on standing on its own. This can outlast any trend while making perfect style statement as well.

Color bag

Black always remains new but it is better to add some joy with it with the help of color that makes it go great. For using the favorite color bag, the best way is not to find matching of this with the outfit. You need to go for the shade that is completely opposite in color spectrum of the outfit so that contrast is there.

These are the different types of handbags for different occasions. You can select the option that best go with your style and also compliment your budget. It is easy to take care of the budget since number of options are available to pick the best one.


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