Different types of bags for different occasions

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With the help of a perfect handbag, women can carry the world with them anywhere. It serves to be the companion that is most trusted for a lady. However, selection of the stylish bags serves to be important. One needs to decide as which handbag can best serve the purpose taking the specific occasions in account.

This might be a tricky question but we are here to help you out in the process. Do not forget that in addition to the factor of style, there are different purposes for which different handbags are created.

Different Types of Handbags

You can get cheering look with the right dress matched with right handbag perfect for the occasion. Your style statement, lifestyle and personal taste, all are important at the time of selecting handbag.

So go through this list of different types of handbags for different occasions. This will help select the most suitable option that best go with your needs.

Tote bags

At present, most of the time is spent by modern women outside their house. This is the reason why they remain in search of bags that are both fashionable as well as functional. This purpose is best served by tote bags. Beech bags is the other popular name of tote bags having enough space to easily carry and accommodate necessary belonging.

The shoppers and beach lovers highly prefer these bags since several things could be stuffed easily in these. While stuff such as sunblock and towels could be carried in these by beach lovers, the shoppers can stuff their goodies in this easily with the help of open tip.

tote bag

Bags for formal purpose

Bucket bags

These bags also offer sufficient space on account of their shape like a bucket. In general, single handles come with these bags allowing one to either carry them on a shoulder or wear it over.

Enough of room is provided by these stylish  bags so that you can easily carry all belongings on account of their shape.

The base of bucket bags is wide while a drawstring is there for closing it offering unique look. You can wear it in cross bag pattern or like a backpack enjoying a retro and classic look.

All the women who are in search of something that allows them to carry necessary belongings in style can grab bucket bags that are best options for them.


Usually one can find double handles and enjoy maximum space in these stylish bags that are mostly structured.  The design of these bags has been done especially keeping in mind the working women so that they can carry things like documents, lunch box, makeup, money etc. with ease avoiding all the hassles.


The best go-to bags

Sling/messenger bags

Among teenagers and college going students, these are extremely popular bags. The wearer gets a style statement with these bags that are worn mostly across body. For movement, the user get hands free since round the body, these bags sling making it highly popular among teenagers.

You can get a chic and fashionable look with the help of sling bag. Get ready to roll by wearing this bag crossway the body. For casual drives, it serves to be the perfect option and you can select for anyone out of the different available colors, styles, designs and materials.

Hobo bags

This bag comes in crescent shape and is a classic type of bag. For casual outings and getaways on weekends, these stylish bags serves to be perfect. For all the women who love trendy and chic look, these crescent shaped bags are perfect.

A boat like structure is represented by the bottom of this bag that makes it look unique. These bags offer enough space and are perfect pick for trips on sunny land when you are in need of day bag. You can easily things like bottle, phone, makeup etc. in these bags.


These are the bags that have gained extreme popularity with the initiation of laptops that has slowly become a trend. In general consideration, one can take these stylish  bags as compact carrier for luggage that is mostly back worn.

There are several different materials in which these bags are available and the most popular one is leather. In case you are looking forward for professional attire matching bag then backpacks serve to be the best choice.

The stylish party bags


There is great similarity in clutches and these purses but short straps are also featured in these stylish bags that one can wrap round the waist.

There are several designs and range of colors in which these are available such as green, teal, orange, purple, pink, yellow etc. so that various moods and occasions could be matched with.



Straps are absent this option that is kind of small purse having capacity to accommodate some necessary items. These might include things like mobile phones, cosmetics and other personal items that are not very big in size.


This is the evening purse that is strapless and comes in shape of envelop that serves perfect for carrying items that are not too big in size. This is the reason why the bag is ideal match for movies and official dinners.


this is another form of bag is ideal for all those who are having horse riding or biking as their passion. Based on the requirements, it comes in several different sizes. They offer cool and stylish look and are generally made with leather.

So if you want to get those trendy and stylish looks that goes well with your personality and serves the desired purpose of carrying necessary items with ease then this list is for you.


Go through the different types of stylish bags for different occasions and select the best one that match with your needs. Select the right handbag that demonstrates your personality while allowing you to carry the charm along with style.

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