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Bags are something that are favorite of women and thing that they love a lot. The craze for this accessory is so much that women are even ready to pay more just to own the desired piece of designer bag. In most of the cases, bags serve to be the most important accessory without which one cannot do anything. Women also have competitive spirit that serves to be another errant bag love theory due to which they tend to buy costlier and better bag compared to the one owned by some other girl. As per the other theory,  a woman’s aesthetic element is appealed by bags and this is so true,


One might have different reasons for purchasing bag, the fact making it the accessory one must have is the functionality it offers combined with the beauty. This is the reason why different kinds of bags are there, each suitable for different occasion so that different styles are available for trendy women to carry with them.  Have a look at the list of different types of bags that are must for all the women to stay trendy and flaunt their style with elegance.


Every girl should own this quintessential ladies bag that is medium in size. All the essentials that girls need could be carried in this bag and at the same time, the style quotient is also maintained.  So have one and wander like a style diva.

Hobo bag:


This large bag come in slouchy shape and is made with the use of soft materials. The crescent shape that comes under the handle characterizes this bag. The reason is the manner in which it slumps down when you carry it or put it down. This bag serves as a carry all casual on account of the distinct silhouette. This bag is not that wide but is a shoulder style bag. It is made casual and formal in equal parts on account of the crescent shape that it has. You can opt for a hobo bag in case the shoulder bags and totes are not of your taste. Your collection can become even more stylish with its addition.



This is a pure sophistication, elegant and simply classy item that you should own. A large bag could not be sported when we are going to attend a party or an event and are all dressed up. There are some girls for whom, a small clutch cannot do. In this case, they can look for the brands offering clutches having compartments so that compared with the normal ones; there is more space that they can enjoy. Whatsoever the case may be, a clutch is must have for each and every girl for making that desired style statement.

Messenger bag:

This bag is medium in size and on the front, it features a flap. It is usually worn in cross body style and comes with an elongated strap for the purpose. Courier bag is the other name of messenger bag.


This bag has several alternative names listed on the information sources over net. These are kitbag, bookbag, sackpack, knapsack, backsack or pack. This is the sturdy bag that one can carry on the back with the help of two straps featured in it. For the purpose of travelling, large backpacks are used that are known as rucksacks.


A flap is featured in this rectangular bag that could be front fastened with the help of either double or single buckle. They are generally low body hunged and feature a long strap. For the working women satchel serves to be the perfect choice. The reason for this is the sweet spot that they hit between a laptop bag and everyday handbag. This is the reason why there is no need to convey two bags. All the basics that you have could be carried by this bag along with space for the gadgets as well. However, take care of investing the money in bag that has good quality and that is sturdy as well. The reason is simple, you need these bags to endure for long so try to avoid taking sloppy one.

Doctor’s bag:

This is a large bag that was used originally by the doctors so that their supplies are carried at the time of house calls. At the top, these bags feature a frame and the bottom is flat giving it lot of room.

Laptop bag:

It is clear from the name of this bag itself that compartments are there in this bag for the purpose of carrying important accessories and a laptop. The shape of this bag is rectangular and it comes with both longer as well as smaller handles useful for the purpose of carrying it on shoulders.

Bucket bag:

The bottom of this bag is flat and it has long handles along with closure of drawstring. This bag comes in medium size with the appearance that is casual. All the appeal that is cool is carried by this bag that comes in fashion trend as well with several women loving its pattern and functionality.

Beach bag:

In case you are planning for vacations and want bag that can best serve the purpose then the beach bag is one that you need. Do not go for the myths about this pattern. You can grab a straw basket or jute bag that is both super stylish as well as waterproof. In addition to this, all the important stuff can find desired room in this bag when you have decoded to enjoy the vacation on a beach.

So grab the best bag that can meet your needs and reflects your style as well. Different patterns are available in different shades so that you can find the desired one easily.

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