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Hand bags are like world of women, they love to carry these wherever they go. These are considered most loveable and trusted companions of women, as different types of hand bags for different occasions are required. This is a most tricky and researchable question that what are the different types of hand bags for different occasions and can carry by women? A detailed list of different types of hand bags are provided by us, which definitely ensure you your best style to carry in different occasions.

For different purpose, different bags are created which serve you with elegant and beautiful looks. For getting matching and flattering look combine right dress with right handbags. Your lifestyle, personal taste and style statement determine choose for your bags.

Different types of hand bags for different occasions are listed below have a look on these.

Tote bags

Enough roomy that can carry every item of yours, and still feels light weighted. Enjoy with this bag by taking it with you at shopping, office meetings and even for functions also. Perfect suits with black dress and gives you amazing and fashionable look. This bag is very easy to carry because of its broad straps. This is also Perfect and comfortable for daily use. You can also pick this bag for travelling purpose.
Broad straps
Light weighted
Suits best on black dress

Beautiful backpack

Backpacks are come up with back straps that you can easily carry these on your shoulders. These are comfortable, easy to carry and convenient because they equally distributed the weight on both shoulders and by this you feel much light weighted with these bags. These bags are enough roomy and categories in different panels for carrying your laptop, bottle, makeup, food and books.

Backpacks go best with casual and formal attire. Leather backpacks are perfect for carrying casual looks.
Can carry laptop, books, makeup and many other things
Light weighted

Trendy satchels

Satchel is perfect for getting trendy look and it also provides enough space that you can easily carry your essentials. Colors and pattern of these handbags are just amazing that you will feel more exciting with these. Pick these for work or office purposes. You can easily judge the comfort level of these bags as these are having long straps at sides and also having a small loop or handle at top of these bags.
Long strap with small handle at top
Easy to carry
Best for official purpose


This bag can easily hold by you with your hands as because it named as clutch. Particularly, clutch is the reformed version of purse. Dress well and carry this in parties or functions or for your special occasions. These are available in varieties of sizes, colors, shapes and are easy to carry. So, enhance your personality by picking these party wear bags.
Compact in size
Easy to carry
Perfect for functions and parties
Available in different colors, shapes and sizes

Get trendy and chic look with Hobo

With these trendy and chic looks are attained by the women. Basically, this Hobo acquires crescent shape and having a boat like structure at bottom which gives it a unique look. This bag is perfect for travelling purpose or takes this when you go out on trip. These bags are spacious and can easily hold yours phone, food, makeup and other important items.
Enough spacious
Gives trendy and chic looks
Perfect to carry on trip
Unique look with boat like shape at bottom

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags rank at top among handbags and are much popular. These are perfect and most popular type of handbags for women. For finding yourself more comfortable and relaxed pick shoulder bags as these are come up with double straps. These are perfect for wearing in different occasions because they are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. You can easily carry almost around everything in it and take this everywhere. This bag is perfect for serving every desired need of women, as because women require different types of bags for different occasions.
Double straps
Different colors, shapes, sizes and designs
Easy to carry
Light weighted

Fashionable bags with bucket shape

Is this sounds strange bucket bags?

By having bucket like shape, it provides ample space for carrying yours all essentials. Drawstring is combined with this bag for closing purpose and having a wide shape area at bottom with this bucket bag. This bag is having retro, unique and classic look. You can carry this like crossbody bag or like backpack also. Different types of bags for different occasions are required by every woman. Easy to carry this casual purpose bag that it enhance your beauty in most stylish manner.
Bucket shape
Ample room
Stylish and unique looking
Best for casual purpose

Sling bags

Teenagers are much crazy for these trending sling bags. These bags provide chic and fashionable looks. Get ready to roll by having these bags across your body. You can select these sling bags with different designs, colors, styles and materials. Seem perfect when you carry these for casual purposes.
Available in different colors, materials and sizes
Carry these for casual purpose
Trendy among teenagers
Affordable range

Saddlebags that drive out cowboy from you

Perfect for daring types girls who love to do horse riding or drive the bikes crazily. According to customers requirement these get customize in various sizes. Perfectly designed with good quality of leather and give chic and cool looks. Beauty and charm can easily carry by women with these stylish looking handbags. Women always demand different types of bags for different occasions and these bags suit perfectly on women for achieving strong personality look.
Customize according to requirements
Stylish looking
Good quality of leather is used
Women with strong personality should go for these.

So, now what are you waiting for just go and garb these purses according to your taste, style and comfort

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