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Every women wish to have beautiful long hair that can enhance her looks. Not length and volume can work; you can add wonders to the look with a nice hairstyle. You will love the new appearance and this will also boost your confidence. Ponytail is one of the hairstyles that is both pretty as well as easy to make.

We are here with the top 10 easy and beautiful ponytail hairstyles that can help you experiment with it in number of ways.

Side ponytail:

For a stylish pony hairstyle, the method that serves to be easiest one is side ponytail. You should make use of curling iron, hairspray, hair tie and comb to get the proper look.

Curls are included in this style but curling iron could be avoided in case you want to keep the hair straight. A nice hair tie could also be used to get a swankier ponytail.

Low twisted ponytail:

Low pony might not give an attractive look in the regular way but addition of twists and mini ponies to this can do the trick. Make small ponytails by dividing sections, twisting and tying them together.

Repeat this 1-2 times and then make a huge ponytail by binding the hair. A cute looking hair tie could be used to give a finishing touch to the look.

Fishtail braid ponytail:

Braids do have some charm that attracts us towards then every day. Braids of every type be it lace braid, French Dutch or fishtail give a wonderful look. Think of the case when two such wonderful styles are clubbed to one.

This time it is a ponytail with fishtail braid. This hairstyle is really easy and includes ponytail followed by the fishtail braid for a wonderful look.

Fuller and longer ponytail:

More than a hairstyle, this could be referred to as a trick. This is not a regular and simple looking ponytail and gives the look that is fuller and longer than what it actually is.

The magic lies in the trick of making ponytail one over the other with some gap that offers the desired look of a chic and wonderful looking ponytail. The look could also be enhanced with the addition of curls to it.

Twisted ponytail:

This is another hairstyle of pony that includes twists. They actually offer a great look than why not try the twists most of the time? This hairstyle is not just wonderful in looks but also goes well with the busy days and therefore it is something that you will love to have.

This is not a one-time wear style as the looks will attract you to try it again and again.

Ponytail with three tiers:

This is the style if you want to do more experiment with the ponytail. It is both easy as well as interesting. Take three hair ties, all in same color, hairspray and comb.

This hairstyle will surely take your heart and motivate you to be its master for easily facing the busy day.

French braid ponytail:

This is yet another style that the braid love will get attracted to. French braid is already famous and its combination with ponytail makes a perfect idea for hairstyle.

It is fit for any occasion including meeting, party or any casual day. This is a tranquil hairstyle and you can easily master it with practice.

Crisscross ponytail:

This hairstyle is truly elegant that just needs bobby pins, hair ties and comb. Pull the hairs a bit, make ponytail and on both sides, separate two divisions.

This process is responsible for giving it the name, crisscross ponytail. From right side, take the sections of hair and over left section, crisscross them and vice versa.

Low Full ponytail:

This could also be termed as messy and that makes it desirable. Curl the hair to some extent so that they appear to be voluminous. From the crown, pull them a bit and push towards it after folding some hair.

Make use of bobby pins to secure it and make ponytail from the rest of hairs.

Boho chic pony:

This hairstyle is a perfect pick for festivals and special occasions. Take the top layer and curl it. Then start after the top bangs and pull them.

Make a ponytail and secure it by tightly pulling. Get the messy look by pulling the strands out. Pack the other hair piece round the hair and then tie it up.

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