Top 10 latest fashion trends for women you should not miss

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In today’s world fashion is not just for celebrities or ramp models but it is the participation of the common people that constitute the world of fashion. With the advancement in technology, the communication with the help of internet, television, newspapers and other means of communication has become quick and easy making people aware of the latest trends in different seasons.

Latest Fashion trends for women

While the legendary fashion designers design for the celebrities and models, women from varied walks of life try to follow the patterns and designs of these designers. Some of the latest trends in women’s fashion wear for 2018 are discussed below. Many top fashion brands have released their collection in this latest fashion trends.

Shirt cum dress

One of the most stylish wear to pick this year is the shirt-dress. Though the contemporary long shirt was introduced a few years ago, the top designers have experimented the look with some cuts like double high slits, drop waists, asymmetric hemlines, mandarin collar, button-downs and much more. Choose the one to match your personality and get adventurous by venturing into different cuts and shapes. Very comfort to wear during spring and summer, you can get a striped shirt dress, checks ora floral print to suit your mood. This is the in fashion dress.

Kimono-style Trench Coats

A new fashion trend Kimono-style Trench coats is an amazing fusion of a stylish modern robe, a conventional kimono and a coat has been great surprise and a welcome trend. Flarey, lightweight and easy to carry these coats may be full length of a little less than that. You can don a belt to add touch of formal look. Go for contrasting colours will your dress to stand out and add attraction with a shine and smooth fabric.


A great way to experiment with lengths is Culottes. Standing between boot cut and a full length flare, this season the trouser look is the latest fashion trend. It looks the best when teamed with the high leather boots. You ca also try the various digital prints or the geometric shape prints to stand out in the crowd. You can match with a simple plain shirt, or an off shoulder or a sleeveless V neck tops to bring out the best.

Long Vests

One more thing the top designers are experimenting is with the long vests. A great substitute for the 70s jackets and blazers, it portray a slimmer look specially when left unbuttoned. Can be worn with sleeveless during summer and with a sweater during winter, it is a great fashion statement every woman must have in their wardrobe. Great prints give a vibrant look to simple plain dresses.

Sporty look

Another trend is the sporty look with the casual stripes, worn finish jeans or a leather finish leggings giving a modern touch to your old school looks. The sporty look designs give a great fit with great body shape. Team up with Polo neck to be in tune with the sports fashion trend. It offers great comfort in the mild temperatures of autumn and winter.


Become stylish this winter with the latest fashion trends for a woman which is the Cape. Resembling like a poncho, its flexibility offers a great mix with any type of winter wear. Can be worn both side, Cape goes well with the all styles be it a pyjama style or till the ankle length. Choose neutral colours to get the best appearance. Makes you look trendy as itgives a natural layered appearance.


Distinguished by bold patterns and orientalism, Gypset is a great combination of captivating jet set styling and Gypsy. A fine trend this season it isvery comfortable and wearable. Add some excitement to your work and evening wardrobe with vibrant colours and dynamic prints along with oriental accessories and good floral patterns.

A- Line Shapes

A line shapes are always green in the fashion arena. Looks great with the 70s touch, it also looks cool with the floral prints, or zigzags, cropped cuts or straight trousers. A line in jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, teamed with shirts give a fine feminine touch.

Trucker Jackets

Another must have in your wardrobe this season is the denim jackets. Looks great with any kind of wear, just comfortable with slight drop in temperatures and cool breeze. Can be teamed up with anything, may be a slim jeans, khakis or trousers, it can be worn unbuttoned with a tee shirt, or can be buttoned like a shirt. Complete your wardrobe with a versatile denim jacket.


Make the traditional wear very fashionable by adding some of the customised twists. Wear it as a long gown or in the traditional Mumtaz style, you can experiment with it a lot and show off your curves. You can also do away with the traditional old blouse and add a crop up, tube, blazer or anything which is attractive or fancy. There are numerous ways to experiment with the nine yards cloth and make attractive looks to suit your shape. Now sari is not just for Indians but for every woman who can carry herself with elegance and beauty.

Stay in trend with the latest fashion wear designed by the top designers. Make yourself special with the above easy trends and give your old and boring wardrobe a lively and fresh look. Be the attraction in the crowd and carry with elegance on every occasion be it office, parties, meetings or with friends.

Adventure with the conventional designs and let the fusion of traditional and modern rock you. Turn the envy eyes with fashion statement, as fashion is not just for models or Hollywood stars but for every woman. The large variety of fabrics, prints, colours give you a wide canvas to try out the various mixes. Stay tuned with the changes in trends and fashions and look for the latest collection of the top designers.

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