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10 leading brands of sunglasses for protecting eyes:

One of the fashion accessories having the potential of raising complete outfit such that it reaches to a new pedestal are sunglasses. Some people give preference to style while some love brands. However, sometimes this frenzy lead people buying the sunglasses that are not good enough in protecting eyes from harmful rays of sun.

It is better to opt for the sunglasses that are not just stylish but robust as well and offer protection from sun and be polarized or ideally both.

For every single face, a frame is there ranging from cool retro design to specific piece of statement. Some of the leading labels combining coolest designs with great quality are rounded up here. This list of 10 leading brands of sunglasses for protecting eyes will serve as the best possible solution for all those who are not just style freaks but also go for robustness.

They not only offer provide protection from harsh and damaging UV rays but also serves as something that completes the outfit. This list will help you find the best sunglasses for protecting eyes that are stylish and serve eyes with their deserving protection.

Sunglasses for protecting eyes

1 Ray-Ban

ray ban marshal sunglasses

In anyone of the list that mentions sunglasses, Ray-Ban needs to be on the top. Since 1930s, this brand is in business when it first being production of aviators.

Till date, Aviators are amongst the best sellers of Ray-Ban since this is the style that could not be replicated by any other brand, though expensive.

Bausch & Lomb has started this and was required to produce glasses for the Aviation department of US to help protect the eyes of aircraft pilots from sun.

There next production, i.e. the Wayfarers was also a great success. The sunglasses, being unisexual, serve as the best part for success.

Ray-Ban has advanced into a massive brand where women, men and kids, all can find the best sunglasses that match their style.

For all generations, the brand that is iconic in market of finest eyewear is Ray-Ban that has remained on top always.

One can find lenses, frames that are coolest and colors with ultraviolet coating, green tint and features of polarization.

Appeal of Ray-Ban sunglasses is known to be timeless and they often make people to be in love since best fit on face is offered.

In market, the introduction of wayfarers and aviator sunglasses has been done by Ray-Ban that is loved and followed by most of the famous celebrities as well.

2 Oakley

Oakley sunglasses

This is the company based in California that has begun with the production of equipment for performance and sports and sunglasses were included in this product range. Even in the earlier times, this is the brand that was considered to be Ray-Ban’s competitor.

The sunglasses for protecting eyes from Oakley are durable, robust and best fit for the activities in outdoor and this serves as the major reason behind the popularity of this brand.

Owing to the novelty in materials, technology, designs etc. hundreds of patterns are there under the hood of this brand. Whether it is prescription sunglasses or fashionable and sportswear sunglasses, if it is Oakley then it are reflects style and quality.

In the case of polarized sunglasses as well, the brand that is counted amongst the most authentic name is Oakley. In the framing of every single piece, latest technology is used in this brand.

If someone is in search of something that is comfortable and suitable for wide ranging purposes be it motorbike frames, vintage frames or trendy frames then the name is Oakley that could be opted without any doubt in mind.

The shades from this brand serve with most perfect fit on the skin avoiding the state of irritation.

3 Persol

Persol sunglasses

In Italian, the literal translation of Persol is ‘for the sun’. It is amongst world’s oldest company manufacturing sunglasses. In the beginning, sunglasses were made for race car drivers and aviation pilots and then the range diversified with cosmetic sunglasses, prescription sunglasses etc.

Persol is still a luxury brand as it was established in the days back. In the initial 20th century, amongst the brands of eyewear, Persol has established itself as a legacy house with the motivation to provide sports drivers and pilots with best quality lenses offering optimum protection.

This brand has remained real with it roots for 100 years and in the 21st century, it has come up with more stylish designs to offer its customers with variety.

4 Polaroid

Polaroid sunglasses

The inventions of this corporation have emerged as a revolution like the one in 1920s that was the most reasonable polarized film. Since then, this technology has been used by them for the creation of sunglasses that were able to offer UV protection of highest level.

Even till date, they are standing at the forefront on account of these features. In the beginning, use of this technology was done for racers, aviators, bikers, divers etc.

but it steadily gained popularity and extended its reach towards celebrities as well. Later, in the production of prescription wear, regular sunglasses etc. use of this technology was started.

5 Maui Jim – sunglasses for protecting eyes

Maui Jim sunglasses

With its base in Hawaii, Maui Jim is the corporation that is based in Illinois and Hawaiian theme is followed by this. It initiated the journey with the production of sunglasses apt for aquatic sports and quickly extended the range including other brands as well.

It begin offering the customers with stylish choices with the inclusion of prescription glasses, non-prescription etc. in its range. At present, customers can find vast range of products with Maui Jim.

To the culture and beauty of the island are devoted the cool designs of sunglasses by Maui Jim and this is suggested by the name itself.

The brand is aimed to offer lens technology of utmost quality to offer the customers with the nest possible vision that enables one to vividly realize the colors and surroundings and that too with enhanced clarity.

6 Gucci

Gucci sunglasses

This is the brand that is widely popular and recognized athwart the world. A single frame of Gucci offers the users with big glamour and classic looks.

The brand does not provide too obnoxious or flashy colors and this is the best feature one can enjoy in the sunglasses by Gucci. Wearing the frames by Gucci will
always bring you in notice whether it is aviator or big frames of old Hollywood, it never goes off the trend. All the style and perfection is offer by frames of Gucci.

This brand is perceived to be expensive by some people but price hardly matters when overall personality is changed by sunglasses pair and the person is turned to a style icon.

This is the brand that is highly sought after in each and every aspect athwart the global market and this is the result of inventions that brings quirky designs infused with eccentric aesthetic.

So do not miss Gucci if you are in search of style and comfort pooled in single frame. Be the style icon and boast your personality

7 Kate Spade

kate spade sunglasses

In 1993, this brand has initiated as the fashion house and right from the beginning, it has served to be fierce competitor of Michael Kors.

The journey that has begun with vibrant bags continued to shoes, apparel, sunglasses and handbags with equal popularity in every niche. This has associated the brand with vibrant and colorful energy.

The premium collection of this brand has made customers easily find the frames that best fit their style and offer with comfort as well. So just grab the perfect pair of sunglasses and flaunt your style.

8 Prada – sunglasses for protecting eyes

Prada sunglasses

This luxury brand is Italian based and in 2000, its first collection of eyewear has been launched when it has joined the group De Rigo for eyewear production.

Most of the people look forward to grab the best items of this brand and the list always use to have eyewear of Prada in it.

The Prada sunglasses are impeccably stylish and modern yet there is a unique old world and retro charm that makes it the top choice of most of the women.

This is the brand that remains in the list of priority for all those who love to follow the styles of celebrities and is also counted amongst the costliest extravagance brands that is not easy to afford.

Unique and trendy designs are launched every year by this brand and that too with best functionality. The destructive UVB and UVA rays are blocked by Prada sunglasses to almost 99-100%.

No need to do anything after wearing the sunglasses for protecting eyes of Prada as all about the status and quality is said by the logo itself.

9 Christian Dior – sunglasses for protecting eyes

christian dior sunglasses

In 1946, Christian Dior, the French couturier has founded this company that is popular for its handbags, couture apparel, perfumes etc. and the extension that serves to be the most valuable of this brand is eyewear.

The journey of this group has initiated in connotation with Safilo Group about 20 years back. Together both of them have been exploring the boundaries of fashion by breaking blockades and making incredible eyewear.

For the production of fashionable and modern eyewear that provides complete protection, continued investment is done by the brand in the field of development and research.

The shape of hourglass has been brought back afterwards the World War II by Christian Dior that has given new heights to the popularity of this brand.

The bridge less Dior launched by this brand has overdrawn the internet with the aviator design. The eyewear and other items of this brand are still in trend that proves the legacy of this fashion house.

10 Dolce & Gabbana – sunglasses for protecting eyes

dolce and gabbana sunglasses
Initiated in 1958, this Italian company is yet another name that has begun with the production of lucury apparel. After ruling the fashion industry as the leader, its business has been expanded by this brand.

The part of this extension of Dolce & Gabbana is D&G eyewear. On either of the side rims, the presence of signature letters D&G could be noticed in the eyewear of this brand that has proved to be an enormous hit.

In most parts athwart the world are coveted the products of this brand. Confidence that was projected by the characters including Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani or Claudia Cardinale served to be the inspiration for Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce since the initial days.

Reflection of the same could be noticed in both collections of women as well as sharp couture of the menswear lines. From eyewear to ready to wear, the D&G’s design terms to be the best athwart all the levels with its eccentric tendencies.

This list proves the fact that if you are selecting the eyewear that can offer desired protection to the eyes than this task needs not to be boring.

Also, it is just a myth that the prices of polarized or UV protection glasses are always high. One can easily find the best pair of sunglasses that can offer the desired protection from sunlight, looks stylish and fits in budget as well.

This list can serve to be extremely helpful for all those who are in search of latest trends in eyewear. The top brands of eyewear mentioned here are not just perfect in terms of style but offer robustness as well.

The use of latest technologies has made the lenses of this brand to offer high level of protection from the harmful UV rays. Not just these rays but all other harmful reflections that harm the eyes in one way or the other are also reduced with the top quality lenses.

Stylish designs, comfort, protection, range and what not….These brands serves to be the best picks for all those who want to grab the best eyewear to boast their personality.

The entire outfit is taken to an all new level of elegance and sophistication and this is the magic of the eyewear collection of these brands.

So grab the best pair of sunglasses and be the style icon. You need not to say or do any extra efforts as the brands will say all about your style and preferences.

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