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Wedding season has begun with a bang this year! And you will not be able to wait anymore to flaunt your indo western or fusion dresses to the world out there. Gone are the days of boring anarkalis and sarees. Why not try with some awesome fusion dresses that will make you stand out in the crowd.

It might be frustrating to repeat your clothes every season. Are your dresses ready for this weeding season? If not, then don’t worry. Be it your sister’s or friend’s wedding, we have compiled a list of top trending Indian wedding dresses for girls which will definitely turn the heads around. Keep reading on!


If you are looking for a dress which is simple yet attractive in appearance, then don’t hesitate to go for a trendy lahenga. Lahenga is actually a tradition dress which was worn by the queens of the ancient India. Lahenga has gone a drastic makeover since the last few years.

Lahenga was earlier used to wear with lot of heavy embellishments and heavy jewelry sets. But now the fashionistas love to wear it in a much simpler way. You can find hundreds of lahenga pattern ideas online and can purchase the one you love the most. You can also go for contrast combinations if you wish to try something new.

Going with the regular patterns is quite boring. Also you can do a lot of experiment with the dupatta draping as well. You can choose the dupatta draping according to the occasion. Make sure you wear minimal jewelry with lahenga. Wearing heavy earring is an ultimate look with either tied or untied hairstyle.

Saree –

Saree is an evergreen wedding dress which refuses to take a back seat anytime soon now. If you are not willing to experiment with your look and wish to look elegant, then this option is the one for you. You can pick from a wide variety of saree material available in the market.

It would be advisable to choose the saree material according to the season. India is known for its extreme weather conditions. For example it is advisable to choose silk material sarees for the winter weddings and go for chiffon or cotton sarees for the summer weddings.

You can try some experiment with the blouse matching though. There are various trendy blouse patterns used this year. You can look super elegant by wearing a contrasting brocade blouse with a neatly tied up hair with a rose along with.

Dhoti Saree –

this is a new entrant in the list of wedding dresses for Indian wedding. Dhoti saree is an interesting twist in the traditional saree draping technique. Generally a saree is worn on a long skirt which also helps in keeping it in place.

Dhoti sarees are basically the normal sarees designed and stitched in a pattern of a dhoti. You can also get many readymade dhoti sarees online.

Make sure you take an interesting color combination like blues and blacks to stand out in the crowd. Many fashion designers have added this attire to their collection. It is advisable to check the saree and blouse material according to the weather conditions before purchasing.

Suits –

Suits are also all-time favorites of Indian girls. Girls can get thousands of patterns in this to choose from. Though it is a very common and famous dress, why not wear it with a twist? You can also experiment here with the dupatta draping styles.

Many girls prefer to buy ready-made suits while some like to get it stitched according to the latest fashion. You can experiment with almost every part of this attire. For example you can choose to wear pan instead of normal bottoms which everyone would be wearing. If you like wearing bright and flashy colors then you should go for a Patiala bottom pattern which will enhance the overall look of your attire.

If you like wearing subtle colors then go for the shades of pastels and blacks. This will make you look stylish as well as per the occasion. If you are wearing tis dress for one of the wedding functions, then it is advisable to go for some softer and lighter shades. As wearing dark shades in the day time might make you look out of the place and over flashy.

Cape Dresses –

This is also a new entrant in the list. Cape dress is basically a lahenga dress with a cape. In other words, you will wear a normal lahenga and instead of dupatta you will be wearing matching cape with it. This dress has been worn by many celebrities worldwide.

In India capes are worn on Indian dresses more than the western dresses and vice versa in the western countries. Cape dresses look well in when worn with correct accessories and footwear. Make sure you wear delicate accessories with these kinds of dresses as you might look over boar if you are heavily loaded.

Sharara Dress –

Shararas have been a part of Indian culture since the Mughal Era. The Mughal queens and princess used to wear this dress with lots of heavy embellishments and jewelry. This trend has made a comeback thanks to the entertainment world. Wearing shararas during the wedding functions can make you look very elegant.

This is a very beautiful dress with a divided bottom skirt and a short knee length top. You can also experiment with the color combination in this dress. But most of the girls like to wear it in a color coordinated pattern only. You can buy this dress online as well. But you are advised to check the material and dress before buying personally.

These were the latest trendy wedding dress for girls. You can get ample of options in all the categories. All you need to have is a good color combination skill and appropriate choice of the attire. For example wearing a sharara for a day time function might look over the board. So select the correct dress according to the function.

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