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Handbags are something we cannot go without. It is the must have accessory that every women love to own. They not just look stylish but also offer desired room to house all your everyday essentials so that you can carry them wherever you go.

In case you are a bag lover then you must be aware of the different types of handbags. So look no further and grab the latest pattern available in handbags that is in trend as well. We are here with the quick checklist that you can go through for a look at the top options available in bags that you can own.

Envelope clutch

The stakes of formal classic handbag in the form of clutch reach even higher with envelope clutch. There are several styles that go well with standard clutch while you can keep the envelope clutch for the outfits that are dressier or formal wear.

As per standard namesake, envelope clutch lays flat and is small in size. Handles or strap are not featured in envelope clutch and therefore it is required to hold. This handbag serves to be the smallest one that you can find out there.

Frame bag

This is another bag that is high in demand in latest trends on account of its unique silhouette. This bag is of medium size featuring stiffer sides and firm bottom. With this, you can easily make the bag stand upright.

This bag comes in shape of trapezoid that makes it unique and it offers the look of both casual and business wear with the straight lines featured in it. For handled, smarter design, this bag also allows shoulder strap eschewing.

Folder purse

This bag is also popular among women who prefer to carry few things with them and do not need paperwork kind of material on the go. This bag is not large especially and the size runs something in the range of middle sizes.

However, for the purpose of ensuring important documents integrity, upright standing feature is also sometimes featured in these handbags.

They come with extended strap, stiffer sides so that bunching up could be prevented. So it would not be wrong to say that for purpose of business wear, this bag serves to be the best choice.

Hobo bag

The mid 2010s was the time when this bag rose to level of prominence and the same is endured till now without any looking back. It features slouchy silhouette that serves to be great for shoes up and casual wear with Bohemian style prominently.

The occasional design of this bag is in the manner that it can stand in the upright position. This bag is often larger in size and softer materials are used for making it.

Messenger bag

This handbag comes n under the category of handful of bags that are favorite of both women and men with a little bit difference in the bags of two genders. The messenger bags of women are quite smaller and there is a foldover top on these bags with the clasp for closing it.

The strap of these bags is also fairly long in general allowing it to be used as a crossbody bag. For both business as well as casual purpose, this bag serves to be the perfect choice.


The hinged design does not make this one appear like a bag but more like a case. Irrespective of this, it is possible to make perfect statement with miniaudiere and that too especially at the occasions that are formal.

The size of miniaudiere is often like envelope clutch or clutch and it features stiffer sides generally embellished with type of accent that is glittering. You can also find this bag with strap sufficiently long so that an elegant drop is there.


It is perfectly right to say that this bag is something coming from the developments that are most recent in industry of handbags. You can find a handbag in the hand-muffs pair in this pattern.

This handbag has the functional design that allows wearing the muffs with the clothing in pattern of cold weather. Material of top quality is used for making the muffs that are not casual but bit dressier.

Pouch bag

This bag is something that is like the literal meaning of its name featuring a zipper occasionally or the closure of drawstring. In the list of available bags in different types of bags, this one serves to be the smallest in which you can just hold some cards and earphones.

Quilted bag

This handbag comes in the type that is not its specific to it but reflects style that can possibly be used by several bags. The technique known as quilted is commonly used by envelope clutches and hobo bags.

These bags are not able to offer upright standing position on own till force from outside is applied and are slouchy inherently. The features used in other silhouette types bags are also adopted by this handbag and serves good with casual outfit.


The namesake of this bag comes from the point that its base is the saddlebags used traditionally before automobiles. The size is fairly large of these bags and capacity is also higher than other options. This is the handbag that generally favors leather and not fabrics in its making unlike the other types of bags.

A fold over top is featured in this bag and a clasp is there for the purpose of closing it in similar pattern as found in the messenger bag. The bottom of these bags is rounded and softer and they also feature a large strap so that those who love crossbody style can wear it that way as well.

This bag strictly serves the purpose with casual wear so you need to make its use accordingly.

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