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The reason of dry and dull skin is the dead cells which are grow upon the skin and also closes the skin pores. Another reason of the dullness is the pollution, dust and dirt which are present in the surrounding. To give your skin a fresh and clean look the selection of the right product is require.

Dry brushes not only help to remove away the dead skin cells but also help in improving the blood circulation of the skin and reduce the visibility of cellulite. It is very important to choose a right dry brush according to your skin type. The best brushes which are having the good quality of bristles are offer by amazon.

Amazon offers you the several types of brushes for different type of skin whether it is sensitive, normal, dry, and oily or the combined one. Below top 10 dry brushes list is given have a look on these brushes in order to make your skin more charming and glowing one.


BEST FOR: This brush is having very soft bristles which can easily clean up your skin by removing the dead skin cells. Ecotools dry body brush is best suits to sensitive skin. It provides no irritation to the skin and gently cleans it out. It is very easy to use this brush gently over the skin. Make sure that before using this brush; clean it out properly with water or with some natural solution.

ABOUT THE BRAND: The price of these brushes is not as high as these are made up from the recycled material. The quality of these brushes is very good and is also an eco-friendly one.

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This Belula premium covers all the range of the brushes like a face brush, body brush, and a pair of exfoliating gloves. Due to this whole range which is provided by this brand make it favorite among its customer.

As varieties of brushes are provided by this brand, use the particular type of brush according to its specification. These brushes having various kinds of bristles that are designed according to the need of different body parts.

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Mio body brush is best for massaging point of view. If the person is feeling pain or tensed then this brush is best for him. The bristles of this brush are very smooth as well as powerful also in removing the dead skin cells, and improve the blood circulation. It is advisable to use it 3 to 4 times in a week, and if you are using it in the morning then you will definitely see much better and faster results.

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For wet or drying brushing this brush is perfect because it contain bristle at both sides of its faces. As this brush is having long stick and with the help of this stick you can reach to those parts of your body which are not in the reach of your hands. This brush works like a scrubber by cleaning out all the impurities from the skin. The brush is more suitable for the sensitive skin.

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The proper and deep cleaning of the skin is possible by using this brush as it designed with cactus bristles. By the use of this brush you can feel very relax as it cactus bristles provide you a deep cleaning and help in improving the good circulation of blood. This brush is made up natural cactus sisal bristle and having a hand strap which gives ease in holding the brush.

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User review: “I really started loving this brush as by the use of this brush my dry or itchy skin problems get solved and now I’m feeling more refreshing and younger by my skin. Actually I try up many brushes in the past but all of them are just waste of money. I love to get up in the morning for brushing out my face with this amazing brush”
About the brand: It is a light weighted and easy to carry brush while travelling. The bristles which are used in it are 100% natural.

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This brush is having very high quality of bristles that are long lasting. No matter of what skin type you have as this brush suits to all skin type whether it is normal, sensitive, dry or combined one.
To take the maximum benefit of this brush uses in a long sweeping motion from bottom to top. The head of the brush is easily adjustable.

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This brush is of palm sized and having the soft massage nodules.

Users review:” This brush is really amazing I am using this every single day. It is become an important part of my life style. The cellulite which was present on my thighs because thigh is the portion where the whole weight of the body goes to, but with the use of this dry brush the sign of cellulite get removed within the small span of time. ”

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Zen me premium dry brushing body brush provides you a full cover set of brushes which include scrub glove, facial glove, bath glove and pumice lava stone. By selecting this brand the customers provided with full body care. The quality of bristle used in it is much fine and long lasting. All the brushes which are provided by this set are detachable.

User review:” This is a brand which gives a complete body cares. All items provided by this brand are superb, especially the facial sponges which is really so soft and made up of good fiber.”

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The bristle use with this brush is 100% natural one. The person with any skin type can use this brush as their bristles are so soft and natural. The handle which is used by this brush is made up of high quality wood. This brush is also good for the purpose of massage and helps in increasing the blood circulation of the skin.

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