Top 10 exercises to lose weight and stay fit

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lose weight and stay fit

There are several people who are suffering from the problem of excess weight and they make several efforts to get rid of this problem. Some exercises are there that are known to be highly effective against increased fat and help reduce the excess weight. Have a look at the top 10 exercises to lose weight and get rid of the stubborn fat.

Interval training of high intensity

Intensity is the significant thing to get maximum benefits from workout. Interval training of high intensity includes exercise in short intervals with most of the efforts.  They are then followed by long periods of recovery. The secret of this training lies in the hard work that you do at the time of intense intervals.

Strength training

Doing weights does not make the person bulky but help reducing weight and accelerate metabolism lastingly. Building muscles is the secret of losing weight by burning fat.  Therefore you should use weights for workout to get the desired results.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

This yoga asana is amongst the widely practiced exercise that focuses on several body parts and gives great results for weight loss. 12 poses are comprised in this series of sun salutation. The ligaments and skeletal system gains strength with Surya Namaskar and it also reduce anxiety and stress.


Most of the people are unaware of the fact that they can get rid of about 150 calories on daily basis by including brisk walking of 30 minutes in daily schedule. This weight loss exercise is easiest one and has low intensity as well.


This is the perfect weight loss exercise for those who love dance. Zumba is the cheerful way to enhance the fitness and integrate exercise in the everyday schedule. This is all about burning the calories and loosening up.


SwimmingPhoto by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

This is the workout that trims inches, burn fat and help you become fitter, stronger and healthier. Up to 500-600 calories could be vigorously burnt with swimming in just 1 hour.


If this is not overdone then there are obvious results. There are varied workout from rope climbs to kettlebell swings and front squats to box jumps. The design of routines is such that they are intense and short.

Jumping rope

This is also an effective exercise that could be used to lose the excess weight and become fit. The tool is portable cheap and could be used anywhere.

Aerobic exercise

The exercise buck gets big bang with aerobic exercise. This include choices such as cycling, running, swimming, rowing and jumping that are best for burning extra fat.

Jam cardio

This is the cardio that is non-stop and performed on non-stop music. It’s just like a party where you dance and enjoy and helps in burning about 800-900 calories.

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