Top 10 fashion designers

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Top 10 fashion designers

The peeps designing dreams rather than just designing clothes are the once called out to be Fashion Designers. They earn fame, success and honor in today’s time as this world is seeking to be trendiest in each bit possible.

India, US or any other country around the World, vividly talented fashion icons put in tremendous efforts and blend traditions with modern aesthetics. We have come up with top 10 fashion designers on the basis of their success measure. Let’s have a look at far-fetched and awesome designers:

Donatella Versace

Chief Designer and Vice President of, The Versace Company. She is damn talented and confident with her work, as she was foremost in the list of designers who has worked with A-list celebs to showcase his exertion. To serve the persistence of leading her brand she worked with top celebrities of Hollywood, to name a few-Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Madonna and other successful personalities.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, the living legend known for bringing a drastic change in fashion industry by coming up with “Armani” Brand in 1975. This brand prohibited the models under 18 BMI(Body Mass Index).

Calvin Klein

Style icon, Calvin Klein famous worldwide, founded the brand in 1968. American designer started career with a store of coat for women and men in NYC. He is a superficially confident personality who never looked back and never compromised with his passion. He incredibly expanded business at great pace and soon ruled the industry with tightest grip. He is best-fitted for the title of 1st fashion design all around the world.

Manish Malhotra

He is a talented fashion designer who got his first expedition in fashion industry as a model. He is born in London and raised up in Mumbai and in the year of 1990 became the Costume Designer in 1990. He has now styled for over 1000 films and is considered as most luxurious style icon good at fusing tradition with up-to-the-minute trends.

Kate Spade

Co-founder of New brand Kate Spade, got graduated in Journalism. A great designer amongst Top 10 Fashion designers, known for her awesomely designed handbags. Try it by your own…!!!

Coco Chanel

Leading style icon in industry of fashion, a French designer and known for her top brand “Chanel”. Only designer to be titled as important person of century by leading Time Magazine.

Betsey Johnson

She is a designer known for her outstanding feminine designs all around the world. Don’t you agree… She is engaging intense knowledge about fashion and was titled as “Fashion Walk of Fame”. She groomed her business by coming up with trending designs of scarves, handbags and her specialization in other accessories.

Valentino Garavani

Italian designer and founder of ‘Valentino Spa’ brand. He is well-known for designing outfits for overrated personalities like Queen Paola, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Margaret and Jacqueline Kennedy are few names from his regular customers.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Famous designer completed graduation from NIFT institute of New Delhi back in 1999. He was been rewarded with achievements and awards for his tremendous fashion sense. He designs with fusion of patch work and vibrant shades. He has designed outfits for bollywood films like Guzaarish and Raavan are had done remarkable job. Don’t you all agree??

Tom Ford

He is the founder of highly dominating brand and one of Top 10 Fashion designers, Tom Ford. He is well known for his outstanding collection of menswear and accessory market.

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