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This is a fact that the looks start changing when the age increase and the person get older. To avoid the signs of age on the looks, people try several methods. However, most of them are unaware of the fact that without going for drastic steps to look younger, they can have simple hairstyle change to create the difference. Here are the top 10 hairstyles to look younger that are worth a try to get that younger look.

hairstyles to look younger

1. Chestnut Beauty

Go for the straight cut thuds with choppy bob to get that desired look. Use the perfect blend of lighter highlights and chestnut tones in brown as the final touch. This will give the desired younger look.

2. Beach waves with Ice queen

If your hairs are turning white then this hairstyle is for you. Make use of this style and contrast it with undertones that are darker for creating the blonde that is elegant and cool.

3. Fringe

A cleaner fringe with soft layers will help you look younger than your actual age. Huge difference could be made with a small change and this is its proof.

4. Pixie cut

If you want to blend the style with power then this haircut is perfect option. Get the pixie cut with extended side bang and back with volume. Add more style to it with blonde highlights. This is a youthful and edgy look but avoid going for too much of edge since it can revere the effect making you look older.

5. Effect of highlighting

You should not appear faded but fresh so as to look younger. This style brings perfect solution. With the touch of lighter tones and blonde, revitalize the face. Use younger haircut to top it and it’s done.

6. Bangs

The blend of straight bang, wonderfully merged color and clean cut is just flawless. Your face gets the perfect frame with this cut especially when the top has darker color and ends have lighter tones.

7. Fair-haired Messy Bob

Grab the attention with this layered messy bob. You can get the flawless youthful look with attractive blend of brown and blonde tones combined with layered, messy waves.

8. Fab and funky

Bring life to the classic, short cut with some bangs and layers at front and back with volume. Your general cut will be transformed to a fabulous and funky look with this.

9. Silver fairy

This is the silver, glossy look that will make your white or gray hair go shine. Blend it with pixie cut and this will reduce years from your look.

10. Extended Ombre locks

Love the long hair and do want to let it go? Frame the face with shorter layer updating the lengthy locks. Also, you can brighten up the face by opting for some color if haircut is not desirable.

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