Top 10 Headphone Brands for the tech lovers

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Top 10 Headphone Brands

The amazing sound quality is not a great deal when it comes to a ultimate pair of headphones available in the market.

This amazing gadget comes with varied features and support and some of them are noise-cancellation and wireless operation. There are wide choices available of top 10 headphone brands that are wireless and effective on the basis of varied features and budget.

Philipps Fidelio X2

The amazingly designed headphones providing great comfort and comes with ultimate quality beating the sound of overhyped audiophile cans. They come up with two speakers of 1.9” with 5-40,000 frequency response.

Focal Listen

Focal Listen

These headphones offer great experience of listening. They provide good quality, design and stellar balance. They are stated with low resolution than Pioneer SE-MHR5. They are costly but is worth splurging on, and it offers 15-22,000Hz frequency response. | Shop now on

Oppo PM-3

These are remarkable and fabulous headphones to be flaunted. We have gone across varied headphones and have come across top 10 headphones brand. They are seen continual fall in price and that made them rival during these years. They come with features like best sound quality and performance.

Beyerdynamic DT1770

The model DT1770 of Beyerdynamic is the superb headphones that are not very expensive. They offer ultimate sound experience they are difficult to be taken off. They cross the limits of the dynamic driver. This pair of headphone are worth being praised for its ultimate features.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

The most awesome sounding headphones that you have splurge on. They offer refined and pure sound that is incomparable. The features provided by these headphones are hard to get in any other headphones. They offer features like Bluetooth connectivity and quality music collection. There are hardly any headphone that are offered with such quality at this price scale.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

The wireless pairs that comes with outstanding qualities and features but might seemed to be expensive to many people. Though if you are hardcore music lover who doesn’t bother about expense then must go for these splendid and comfortable headphones.

Audio Technica

The wireless headphones are stated as poor audio quality product. There are tremendous wireless headphones available that drive music enthusiast to another level with ultimate quality audio being more preferred.

These headphones are top quality wireless and wired headphones that come within the cost of $200 and go great with almost all music genres and comes with responsive nearly flat curve. They are built to fulfill the purpose of long listening and offer amazing battery life of about 40 hours and more.


Bose QC35 II or Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are built up with slight upgrades. They are being upgraded with Google Assistant this time that could be called up with single press of button. Other than that these are basic headphones that are relished initially. These headphones are not popular for their better sounding but for ultimate noise-cancellation, so if you are looking for that one feature then must go for this pair of headphones. | Shop on


These pair of headphones offer great sound quality, ultimate noise cancellation and are wireless. You might get any better quality headphones with good battery life but you this pair of headphones are perfect blend of performance and features. They are affordable without any price-premium and best choice for music lovers.

Sennheiser HD 800

The awesomely sounded pairs of headphone heading in the race of top 10 headphones brand, that are praised by most of the audio lovers. With proper hardware equipment, they are proven as the excellent and balanced pair of headphones. They are expensive and ask for most than normal investment. | Shop on

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