Top 10 Makeup Artists to help you get flawless beauty

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Top 10 Makeup Artists

Top 10 Makeup Artists

Fashion world is not bounded around celebrities and page 3 icons today. The one with good fashion sense and with mere knowledge about what goes great on them is considered as “fashionable”.

A perfect makeup is the basic prerequisite of any fashion girl around and every celebrity has their preferred makeup artist that gives them perfect look for events like photo shot or celebrity appearance.

We must know about the artists who had laid efforts behind those dazzling and eye-catchy images. Here are some shortlisted top 10 makeup artists who have earned fame in fashion industry, since years:

Richard Taylor

He is a well-renowned makeup artists, known for his talent in Hollywood. He has made great achievements such as 4 BAFTAs and 5 Oscars and many more admiring titles he has won. He is co-director and co-founder of Weta companies.


Charlie Green

She is the leading lady ruling makeup and fashion industry for more than 20 years. She is the international makeup artists and superbly talented as she is behind the fantabulous looks spotted of celebrities on red carpet.

Sam Fine

He is amazing makeup artist who is styles celebrities and makeup direction of Fashion Fair. He has made his great name because of his abilities of playing with style and color and coming up with unique looks. Magazine covers have shown up his work, to name a few magazines- Essence, Vibe, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and many others.

Stan Winston

The movies like Jurassic Park, Terminator series and Predator are great hits and the international makeup in such legendary movies is done by this great makeup artists. His talent is known Hollywood and internationally, he even have worked in the fantabulous movies like Iron Man and Avatar.

Pat McGrath

The most amazing makeup artists all around the globe and is one of the top 10 makeup artists. She is titled as the prominent artists by Vogue, the international magazine. Pat has done work with great celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and many more. She is cosmetic design director of Procter & Gamble.


Bobbi Brown

A well-renowned icon of makeup and fashion world. She is the most well-settled makeup artists all around the globe. She is the most successful CEO of Bobbi Brown, cosmetic company and beauty editor of Today Show.

Billy B

Billy B is the look up makeup artist for big cosmetic brand like L’Oreal Paris. He is well-renowned makeup artist and has done work with international beauty and fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair and many others. His creative attitude and his appreciable talent has brought him up as the top 10 makeup artists.

Rick Baker

He is the genius talent behind the outstanding makeup of 1981 movie. He was rewarded with many Oscars because of his brilliant work and he has sanctioned name in the Guinness World Record Book as he was rewarded with many Oscars for his contribution in style and makeup in Hollywood.

Laura Mercier

A talented and most preferable makeup artists prior choice in makeup of celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Juliette Binoche and many such great names look towards her. She is creator of Laura Mercier Body & Bath, cosmetics, fragrance and skincare products. She also contributes in editorial shoots and cover designs for most renowned magazines.

Michele Burke

The brilliant makeup artist and her great work with light, shadow, color and their combinations named her amongst top 10 makeup artists. She is the most admirable makeup artists as she was honored with 6 nominations and 2 Oscars for her remarkable contribution to beauty in Hollywood.

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