Top 10 portable speakers under INR 2000

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Top 10 portable speakers

Top 10 portable speakers

In the present day world, wireless connectivity is something that attracts most of the people as it removes the hassle of messy wires. With the wireless technology, there is no need to arrange space for the cluttered wires. The list of top 10 portable speakers under INR 2000 serves as the best choice to go wireless in speakers as well.

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It gives the appearance like tiny box of toy but the performance beats all the rest. This comes at the top spot due to strong performance and yet affordable price of INR 2000. This small speaker will surprise you with its strength and quality of performance. | Shop on

Logitech X100

Logitech X100

The size of Logitech X100 is small but the quality is really powerful. Several speakers of this segment are outperformed by this small sized wonder box. It comes with amazing battery life and music sessions of 5-6 hours could be sustained easily. The option of multiple colors is also available in this speaker. | Shop on

Portronics POR-686 Posh 2

This portable speaker with firm 2.1 channels and in-built FM radio serves as another great option in this category. Micro SD cards of memory allowance of upto 32 GB are supported by this speaker and it comes under the range of INR 2000. | Shop on

Philips SBA3010

The purpose of a small and durable speaker is truly served by Philips SBA3010. This portable speaker does not have the feature of Bluetooth connectivity. However, the option of a 3.5 mm retraceable cable comes with this speaker.

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SoundBot SB571

SoundBot SB571

With the fierce scheme language, this Bluetooth speaker is coming forward in the competition of budget speakers that come under INR 2000. The appeal of the speaker is added by the specific angular design and enhanced buttons for control adds to the convenience. | Shop on

iBall Lil Bomb 70

This portable speaker comes with USB and Bluetooth support. a battery that is rechargeable also comes with this speaker and the playback of around 5 hours could be delivered by this. For the charging purpose, one can make use of micro USB. | Shop on

Zook Rocker M2

This is the speaker that can grab the attention of everyone around it. The appearance of this speaker is rugged and output of fuller sound is offered by the cylindrical design. It could be carried easily with the help of stylish band and comes under the range of INR 2000. Audio could be played with the help of USB drive, Bluetooth, AUX cable, SD card and FM radio. | Shop on

Philips Wireless Portable Speaker

This is yet another addition to the list of speakers under INR 2000 that comes with striking looks and great features. Bluetooth connectivity is offered by this speaker and it also offer 3.5 mm jack for audio-in. When completely charged, it can play music for about 6 hours. | Shop on

Frontech JIL-3906

Frontech JIL-3906

This is amongst the smallest portable speakers from Frontech and makes it place in the list with its affordable range under INR 2000. Musical playback is supported by the speaker with the help of micro SD card and AUX cable. | Shop on

boAt Stone 260

This compact design and funky portable speaker is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. The price range is under INR 2000 and it serves wonderful sound quality. | Shop on

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