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Sunglasses Brand

Sunglasses Brand

The most fashionable accessory today is the sunglasses that are adored by men and women both. Sunglasses are the classiest accessory that is obtainable in varied shades and styles. Sunglasses being the fashion icon or trending accessory but is also aid in human health as it is good for eye health. Sunglasses aids from cataracts, skin cancer and other eye risking factors, if they are accompanied with lenses and UV filters. Let’s have a look at the trendsetter top 10 sunglasses brand.


Prada Oval Men's Sunglasses (PS51OS|Grey)Sunglasses offered by the most lavish fashion house of Italy. They are well-renowned for their peculiar and latest styles and their amazing eye-catchy shades and shapes. They offer costly range of sunglasses that cost around $100 and above.


This is another Italy brand house known for their fashionable and leather articles. It started venture in 1990 by sunglasses and sales were gradual by that time. They have wide collection of sunglasses ranging from square lenses to aviators. They come in great colors and style for women and men. They range in price from $150 to $400.

Dolce $ Gabbana

This is a luxurious and trending fashion house known for their classy designs in sunglasses. They come in wide rims with the interlaced logo of “D” and “G” and in amazing collection of lenses and colors. They are best for eye safety as they protect us from UV rays. They are available at the cost of around $200 per pair.

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

This is a huge fashion brand of Italy that is spinning off from Armani. It is the trendiest fashion brand and sunglasses as one of their product. They offer square sunglasses, aviators and much more. It is one of the top 10 sunglasses brands that is available at the cost of $75 to $250.

Tom Ford

He is a phenomenally talented film director and well-known American fashion designer. These sunglasses range in style with varied colors and varied styled frames.  He came up with his own fashion brand in United States named as Tom Ford and groomed in popularity. They are costly ranging from $150 to $300.

Maui Jim

This brand launched in 1980 and gradually groomed. The brand designed for men and women, they are styled with the feature of beach feel or a Hawaiian. These sunglasses are designed to protect against sunlight and styled with polarized lenses for the same of amazing colors. They are available in the range of $100 to $200.


Ray-Ban aviator got fame with the popular airline flights and pilots that were considered as legends of 1930s. They provide polarized lenses to protect eyes. They groomed out in the year 1980 and are available for men and women at the price of $150 to $200.


This Italian brand launched in 1978 and made its entrance in Milan. It is renowned for decorative and feminism logo. Most of the sunglasses come up with polarized lenses that protect eyes. Some of the sunglasses are over generous and decorative in style and cost from $100 to $200 per pair.



The lavish Italian eyewear brand that designed eyewear for racers and pilots. The Italian name “per il sol” is translated as “for the sun”. Most of their sunglasses are featured with silver arrow as its trademark of Supreme Arrow. These sunglasses are available for women and men for their outdoor activities. They are available at the range of $100 and above.

Oakley. Inc

California based Eyewear Company and amongst top 10 sunglasses brand, having specialization in sports equipment and lifestyle ranging products. This company turned out as an opponent of RayBan. They are flexible and rugged suitable for any weather. They are available for women and men at the range of $75 or more.

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