Top 10 tips for healthy lifestyle

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People often follow physical activities in order to remain fit. This could be combined with good nutrition to enhance performance and live active lifestyle. Here are the top 10 tips for healthy lifestyle that one must follow for a healthy and happy life.

Top 10 tips for healthy lifestyle

Foods packed with nutrients

The body needs several types of nutrients. Provide it with these by eating the different foods that are packed with nutrients. This includes lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits and dairy that is fat-free or low-fat. The foods having added sugars, solid fats and sodium should be consumed less.

Revitalize with grains

Revitalize with grains

The fastest source of energy of the body comes from the foods including pasta, bread, cereals, oatmeal and tortillas. Try to include foods that are whole grain such as pasta, bread (whole wheat) and brown rice.

Protein power

For repairing as well as building muscles, protein is essential. You can opt for low-fat or lean cuts of turkey and chicken. Seafood could also be used twice in week duration for getting the protein. The foods that are plant based also serve as good quality sources of protein.

Plant protein foods

Plant protein foods

It is great to have varieties. You can opt for peas and beans (pinto, kidney, white or black beans, chickpeas, split peas, hummus etc.), soy products (tempeh, tofu, veggie burgers) and unsalted seeds and nuts.

Alter the vegetables and fruits

The body needs several nutrients that could be provided by eating assortment of colors in number of ways. You can try red, blue or black berries, yellow and red peppers and dark greens such as kale and spinach. Select the options including frozen, fresh, dried, low-sodium canned or 100% juice.

Do not miss the dairy

The foods such as cheese, milk of low-fat, refreshed soy beverages and yogurt help in maintaining and building strong bones that are required for the daily activities.

Balance in the meals


Each group of food must be used on daily basis and you can make use of a reminder for this purpose.

Stay hydrated

Drink sufficient amount of water in place of sugary drinks and stay hydrated. Always keep the water on hand with the help of reusable bottle of water.

Know the proper amount of food intake

On the basis of your gender, age, weight, height, level of physical activity and other such factors, you should get customized information regarding the nutrition. Get information about the needs of calorie and prepare the proper diet plan.

Achieve the goals

It is a challenging task to achieve the goals of physical activity and healthy eating for staying fit and active. However, if you are able to achieve the goals then it is worth recognition so that others could also get inspired.

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