Top 7 Trending Western Dresses for Woman

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Western Dresses for Woman: There are many types of western dresses available for women in the markets. But the major concern starts when you are not sure about the kind of dresses that will suit your body type. The color combinations, patterns, prints, flares, etc. are some other factors which can influence your choices for western dresses for woman. The best dress for a woman is the one in which she can feel comfortable and beautiful. Many of us generally don’t pay attention to the minute details of the dress we have chosen for wearing. For example, horizontal stripes are a big no for the women with a heavy body type and light shades will make one look plum and heavy. Therefore we have compiled a list of top 7 western dresses for woman that are in fashion right now and will look good on different body types.

Top 7 Trending Western Dresses for Woman

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Maxi Dress

1. Maxi Dress –

This dress came into fashion in the 1960s. A maxi dress gathers below the bust area and then goes till the floor length. The length of this dress is its hallmark basically. One can look absolutely and effortlessly gorgeous in this dress. You can wear this dress on your lunch dates and lunch meetings or for any other informal meetings. You can look super stylish in this dress as well as feel very comfortable in it. Women who have a slim body type and long torso will look especially good in this. This can be your summer dress with some amazing gladiator sandals.

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2. Wrap Dress –

A wrap dress is the one which goes very well with almost every body type. This can be good news for everyone. Women with thin body frame can look filled by wearing this dress. Whereas women with heavy body type can look slim with its wrapping belts. This dress can effectively draw an attention towards the curvy figure of the woman. It is definitely a feminine and delicate dress. However you need to consider your height before purchasing this dress. You can wear this dress during parties, traveling trips and informal gatherings. Go for high heels and strappy sandals with this dress.

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3. MiniDress –


I you have long and beautiful legs then mini dress is just for you. This dress is very comfortable and the length ends above your knees. If you have a somewhat broader body shape with toned legs, then you too can wear this dress. This dress definitely has a place in every summer wardrobe. Many fashion designers too like this dress and keep on experimenting with the overall looks of it. This dress is also perfect for a petite woman. These women generally don’t have long legs, but this dress can help them look taller and slimmer at the same time. Style this dress with nude pumps or a long strappy sandals or long boots to complete your stylish looks.
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4. Shirt Dress –

The shirt dresses came into fashion during the 1950s. These are the most popular knee length single piece dresses with small slits at both the sides. The dress ends below the knees. So can look super cool in this dress! This dress can look very nice if you have a tall height and tones legs. If you have long and deep slits in your shirt dress, then try wearing it with hot pants or any other shorts. Petite women can also wear this dress provided the dress is not too long. Go for a decent neck piece and a watch with this dress.
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5. Peplum Dress –

This is a very stylish and elegant dress for the ladies who like it to be classy. Peplum dress has a frilled ruffle below the waist. This gives a perfect hourglass figure to the lady. This is the only dress which you can wear on both formal and informal occasions. It can be an office wear as well as a part wear dress. This dress looks amazing on the ladies with broad shoulders. The elastic waist works perfect for the healthier body weight. Wear this dress with some elegant heels or strapped sandals to give it a stylish look.
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6. Flare Dress –

As the name indicates, flare dress is a dress with lots of flairs. It was once a fashion trend in the 1950s. A classy flare dress can be like a trophy to a wardrobe. Go for soothing shades like pastels and light shades of pink, green and blue. If you have well-toned body with beautifully tones legs, then this dress can do wonders to your personality. Similarly taller women would look elegant in this dress as well. Pair this dress with some funky sneakers or bellets to fortomboyishlook. You can also try handing a fancy backpack with this to give it a cooler look. This dress is a perfect pick for an hour glass figure and a flattering waist.

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7. Shift Dress –

This is one of the favorite dresses of the current times. Anybody can wear this dress with full confidence and flair. These are the most customizable dress. You can add sleeves or increase the length as per your choice. This dress can never disappoint you. It is very comfortable as well as stylish to wear. You can make your shift dress beautiful with a hat, a beautiful choker and sneakers. You can also for gladiator sandals. Shift dresses come under the boho chic look category. You can pair this dress with a stylish sling bag or a bag pack and a flared bracelet.

These were some of the latest trending dresses that will rule the fashion charts this season. You can choose any dress according to your body type. All the dresses are made considering a particular body type. You can also consult a professional stylist in order to understand the kind of dresses that will suit your body type and your personality. You should try to wear dark colors during the parties as this will make you look slimmer and taller. Similarly wear cool and light shades during the day events as your dress will be soothing to the eyes.

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