The Top Five Loudest Mobile Phones in Budget

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Top Five Loudest Mobile Phones

Top five loudest mobile phones in the budget: Some individuals sleep very deep and need loud alarms to be woken up. There are others that want to hear the loudest music. There are yet others who like to party and jive to very loud music. Listed below here are the five loudest mobile phones that would perfectly suit such people.

A few years earlier, HTC mobiles were known to have the loudest speakers for the loudest music. However, you will not find HTC in this list. But many other newer brands and models have made it to this list. Top five loudest mobile phones in the budget:

For any person interested in loud mobile phones it is important to understand a basic point: loudness is measured in decibels (dB). An increase of 10 dB means that the loudness of sound is clearly doubled.

Therefore, 20dB is twice as loud as 10dB. 30dB is four times as loud as 10 dB and so on. To understand loudness, a car horn is about 110dB and a lawnmower makes a noise that is about 90 dB.

List of Top Five Loudest Mobile Phones:

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List of Top five loudest mobile phones in the budget

1. Nokia 8

Loudest Mobile Phones Nokia 8

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Nokia has again entered in the game with improvements in its Android. It has received a phone of Sbpdragon 835 flagship for giving tough fight to the big names in the market such as Galaxies, iPhones and Pixels. Some of the simple principles are followed by Nokia for development of this smartphone of its flagship: keeping bloatfree and clean Android, on time software updates and optimum performance delivery. Some important points that must be considered in this case are: hardware is featured by Nokia 8 on Google and Samsung best phones level, the price at which it is available is much lower than that of Pixels and galaxies. 

The design of Nokia 8 has build quality of solid aluminum while some curves are also there for giving better feeling in hand. However, it lacks waterproofing. The screen of Nokia 8 is of 5.3” with traditional aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen size is something that has been done right by Nokia in this phone. While most of the phones these days go for larger displays, Nokia 8 picked up the screen of 5.3” that offers ease of use as well as comfort. It could be carried in pocket easily and could also be used conveniently with one hand. 

Nice edge curves are there in the construction of this phone that makes a great difference in its design. A small home key is there up front with built in fingerprint scanner but its position is not accurate. For this reason, repositioning of finger is needed to make it work properly. Care must be taken in making this phone wet as water proofing is not there. It also features a jack for headphone and single port of type USB-C for the purpose of charging. 

2. Asus Zenfone AR:

Asus Zenfone AR

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The niche devices do not have Asus as a new entry. This phone is the first option in mobile devices that offer support to both VR and AR platforms of Google, Daydream and Tango and has advancement in the technology of VR/AR as well. This new phone of Asus is also the part of this flagship and is at the high-end befitting more the status of flagship. This phone comes with RAM of 6 or 8 gigabytes and Snapdragon 821 SoC and performance stands suitable for users. The case of flagship of this device is bolstered further with its camera of 23 MP and two sensors for motion and depth tracking. It packs shooting modes collection that is not present in even Samsung. 64 GB storage and 6 giga RAM configuration is there while the option of RAM of 8 gigabytes. 


The front of this phone is all black, plain and save lettering of silver under the earpiece. When lit, its bottom comes with multi tasking and back buttons. Its elliptical fingerprint sensor/ home button is clickable and slightly raised as well from bottom. The edges of metal of this phone are thick giving the feel of easy grip to hands and this experience is further aided with light roundness in design. Leather burnished casing is there at its back with texture that is much finer compared to the previous model. 

Optics of this phone are encased in metal rectangular block with light curve as well similar to the complete backing. There is bare leveling in the sensors themselves from its metal block though protruding is done itself from back.

3. Moto G5 plus:

Moto G5 plus

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This is yet another flagship launch that was much anticipated. Moto G5 plus is not just dazzling with extra wide display crop that is breaking all conventions, dynamic ratio of screen-to-body but also has the launch of some compelling features. Attractive designs and decent performance are available at incredible prices making the phone extremely budget friendly. Moto G5 Plus is the best example in this category since it has again took the eyes in terms of best budget phone. The next generation has come up with some really favorable options. Intelligent upgrades are there in the hardware of Moto G5 Plus that were not present in the earlier models and all this is available at highly affordable prices. 

Moto series has never been scared of reinventions and this model also has came up with an amalgamation of several new varieties in the hardware. Several materials giving premium feeling are there in the construction of Moto G5 Plus. Metal has made the plastic at its back ditched and it is not removable as well. A 2-in-1 tray is there residing along the top edge of the phone. A plastic edge is still there around the handset that gives it a shiny finish and chromed outlook. This phone also offers nice feeling in hand while at first place, it is not even all metal. 

User can rest assured of its screen protection since the glass of phone is sunken a bit compared to frame in surrounding that offers the desired protection. Fingerprint sensor is there at the bottom of the handset. It is also recessed under the glass of screen of this model making it feel a bit sunken. G5 Plus comes with oval scanner and some exciting controls of gesture are also offered by this shape. Overall, there are significant improvements in the design of Moto G5 Plus compared to the earlier versions that makes it a favorable option for the users. 

4. ZTE Axon M:

ZTE Axon M

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You might be aware of the concept of folding smartphones from the PhoneArena. Samsung is the most famous name that has came up with this concept in which folding a single screen from middle turns the device to classic smartphone from mini tablet. Similar idea is there behind the design of ZTE Axon M but the approach is a bit straightforward. Basically this Android smartphone comes with dual screen that is foldable and has display of 5.2 inch with hinge holding it together.

This phone could neither be counted as a prototype nor a concept. User can enjoy several specifications in this phone such as RAM of 4GB, Snapdragon 821 and storage of 64GB and a casing of metal and glass packs all this. This is ultimately a powerhouse that is multitasking and multimedia with design of dual screen. The feeling is royal in its glass and metal construction with sturdy hinge and tough to smooth ergonomics. The design might not be ground breaking or innovative but has uniqueness in it certainly. Form factor of this phone breathes a new life in with noticeable and sharp edges from glass and metal in hand. This device is thick having two screens. 

The first thing that comes in notice of this phone is the heavy weight. However, unlocking the phone brings certain struggle for the user. All buttons are on the left side including fingerprint/button sensor, quick launch/camera button, power button, volume rocker etc. and the complete right side is taken by the hinge. Fingerprint sensor is side mounted but the side is completely opposite from that of thumb. For the middle or ring finger, this results in an awkward angle for scanning and leads to several missed authorizations. In the unfolded position of the phone, this struggle persists. However, enough space is there in landscape position for comfortably holding the phone. 

5. HTC U11 life:

HTC U11 life

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When it is the case of prices and features, smartphones offer several options and we all are attracted with best performing, hottest and stylish models. However, all these features bring cost with them. But now options are there so that users need not to spend much and they can get access to most trendy and latest models as well. HTC U11 life is another option in this category that does not cost much and also aims to offer users with wide range of options that are available in the bigger flagships. So imagine of holding a phone that introduces similar features and offers them all at prices that are almost half of the other brands. 

The brand is coming up with quite simple and straightforward options. This model is the one with incorporation of much of plastic instead of the back of glass and metal edges. The acrylic back is considered to stand the test of time while bearing up with the scratches and it is delivering such performance so far. Similar to the flagship, the model has also received rating against water and dust ingress. There is much similarity in the layout of this phone with that of U11 with the difference that is most profoundly visible being the lack of antenna lines that surrounds the edges of handset.

 All this could be accounted to the plastic exterior of the handset. The places of SIM tray and buttons are same like fingerprint scanner that is mounted at the front. This time, it has larger camera at the back with consistent placement. Below the set, places have been swapped by the USB port and speaker slot. It also features types C that stands as a wonderful advancement in the case of smartphones clearing the hassle of assuring face of micro-USB cables. 




List of some old loudest mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy A8 – Sound Level 81.6 dB

samsung Galaxy A8

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The specifications of this mobile are impressive along with the fact that it is endowed with a powerful speaker. It is louder than many of its other Samsung counterparts. For this loud sound output, it only has a single speaker that is located on the handset’s side. The sound is of ultra-high quality playback. When you buy this mobile you get a pair of headphone jacks for free. In addition to the sound, the mobile has a great camera, a striking screen and a very sleek design to impress.

This is an upper mid-range phone made of premium materials. It has a glass-back exterior and the volume buttons are on the side. The headphone jack uses the USB-C port located at the bottom of the phone. The mobile phone survives a short dive in the water ( up to 30 minutes of immersion in the water at a depth of 5 feet).

Huawei Mate 10 Pro – 84.2 dB

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

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This mobile phone model has installed the best Huawei technology that has been released to date. The high-quality sound radiates from two speakers: at the front and at the bottom of the phone.  The stereo speakers are designed to deliver crisp and rich sound with a lot of loudness. The front speaker is used for high-frequency sounds.

The accuracy of the sound reproduction is good. It is flawless through the external amplifier and also good to listen through the headphones.

The mobile phone comes with a stylish 6-inch display, effective and impressive camera and all-round performance that is powerful.

Huawei P20 Lite – 84.9 dB

Huawei P20 Lite

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The Huawei P20 Lite is a handset full of high-quality features. It has got impressive sound features, is endowed with an HD+ screen and powerful cameras located on the front and back of the mobile phone.

The phone comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and is the best option to listen to music while on the move. The phone features only a single speaker. However, the quality of the sound emanated is crisp and well amplified. It has an impressive 3000 mAh battery that allows for a lot of extra music listening time.

The phone comes with a single speaker located at the bottom and the Lite models do not have the stereo setup of the regular Huawei models that use the earpiece as another extra channel. There is sufficient boom in the lower regions and altogether it falls in the ‘very good sound’ range. The external amplifier also outputs great sound.

iPhone XS Max – 84.7 dB

iPhone XS Max

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A new model from Apple Inc., this is a beautiful mobile phone. It has a 6.5-inch display supported by an advanced A12Bionic chipset. The cameras are enhanced with many new features that make the phone an incredible one.

The XS Max sports stereo playback and Dolby digital sound. The user can also choose to configure the maximum volume limit according to preference. This makes listening pleasure for every user. The mobile phone comes with a set of ear pods with a lightning connector as well.

With a stunning OLED display, the mobile phone is water resistant and robust and produces high- quality audio. It is among the best smartphones in the market that you can purchase to watch movies or listen to music. It has a large battery and lasts for 90 minutes more than the X model.

The built-in speakers produce wider stereo sound.  The sound is more dynamic, louder and more balanced. The speakers are located at each end of the device for the best stereo effects. The sound through the headphones is punchier and louder. The 3.5 mm headphone jack has to be purchased separately for the mobile.

Huawei P20 Pro – 91 dB

Huawei P20 Pro

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This Huawei mobile model has amazing features. It has a 4000mAh battery which makes for listening to music for a long time. This is a bonus. It is loaded with a 40Mp triple camera and amazing speakers. These speakers produce Dolby Atmos sound quality from two speakers. The best part is that they are endowed with AI features that adjust automatically and to what you are listening at the moment.

This mobile has a stereo setup for better audio output. The second speaker complements that speaker that is placed at the bottom. This is the main speaker that fires. In the landscape mode, the earpiece takes over the mid and high frequencies for the left or right channels. The main speaker plays the other channels’ mid and high frequencies. In the portrait mode, however, both speakers actively participate; however, there is no channel.

Apart from the spatial sound, this Huawei mobile phone is pretty loud and can be rated as ‘Excellent’ in the sound quality category. However, when the average figures are taken it can be classified as below average loudness. With the headphones on, the volume is a little lower but the sound quality degradation is near nil.

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